Cherries are lovely, but you wouldn't want someone to dump a crate of cherries on you and then start force-feeding you by the handfull. Well, that's what I did to Nic Ferrier when I forked his Skinny repository made major changes over an extended period of time, and then sent him a pull request for them all at once.

At the time, I thought that would be easiest for him, but I now realise that what I should have done is just point out the repository to him and let him cherrypick from it, merging later if he picked most of the cherries. A pull request just forces the other party to merge the whole thing, potentially making some kind of Frankenstein's monster.

So now Nic Ferrier has reverted my changes (in his repository), and we'll do what we should have done: I keep rename my fork and continue to hack away on it, and Nic pulls and merges any of my changes that he wants to use in his project. I named my fork “Baggy” (as in baggy jeans), because it's flabbier than the original Skinny. You can find iton Bitbucket